About Us

About Us

Power One Realty is based on the idea of allowing the homeowner to keep more of their equity when they sell.

Generally, when you sell your home, you use a traditional broker, listing your home with a 6% commission split between your listing agent and the buyer's agent. Power One Realty offers the same full level of service as a traditional brokerage but charges only a 1% listing fee. In addition, we recommend that the buyer's agent receive just 2.5%.

This means you save, on average, 2.5% on the sale of your home, which can be used to negotiate with a buyer, pay for unexpected repairs or keep yourself.

If your home sells for $500,000, you would pay a commission of $30,000 by working with a traditional brokerage. With Power One Realty, your commission would be just 3.5% (1% listing fee plus 2.5% to the buyer's broker) for a total of $17,500. That is a savings of $12,500 for the same level of service.

Get Experience and Results

The brokers at Power One Realty have a decade of experience, on average, selling real estate. We offer a neighborhood-specific approach to help homeowners get the highest price possible for their home, with a marketing strategy that brings real results. We are proud to have saved our clients more than $1 million in commissions so they can move on to bigger and better things.

Power One Realty: An Alternative to FSBO

In the past, home owners had few choices. They could choose to hire a traditional broker and pay 6% commission to sell their home, or attempt to sell it on their own through a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Power One Realty is proud to provide a middle ground. You can receive the same full service as you would from a traditional brokerage as well as the representation of an experienced, licensed real estate agent at a value.

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About Us

What to Expect with Closing Costs

Many sellers wonder about the closing costs, and if they will need to pay for the buyer's costs. Estimate your closing costs at 4% of the sales price of your home, which includes 3.5% for commission and about 1/2% for title insurance and other fees, such as prorated property taxes.

You are under no obligation to pay for the buyer's closing costs, although it is now very common for buyers to ask the seller to help with closing costs. In some cases, this may be a good option. Your agent can discuss the benefits of helping with closing costs, but remember it is not a requirement.

Are you ready to save THOUSANDS when selling your home?